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Fun Squad Book Club


The Dancing Willows FUN Book Club meets once a month on the first Tuesday. Discussions are held at the Clubhouse from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. We read everything from fiction to non-fiction to science fiction. Members pick a month and a book, and are responsible for leading the group discussion at that meeting. Wetry to have at least 6 months scheduled at any given time to give folks a chance to be prepared. All we ask is that members pick a book that they\'ve read already so they know there is something worth discussing.

The club coordinator maintains and distributes the club\'s schedule and past reading history. Everyone is welcome to participate! People do not have to be regular members to attend a meeting, nor are members expected to be at every meeting. This is intended to be fun, so folks are encouraged to attend when they like and there is no guilt if they don\'t.