Welcome to Dancing Willows Metropolitan District. The District is a Colorado Special District formed in 2008 to provide specific services to the Dancing Willows community as defined in the District Service Plan. The overall responsibility for running the District resides with a 5 member Board of Directors.

The mission of the Dancing Willows Board of Directors is to provide excellent stewardship of financial resources as well as cost effective management of district owned facilities and to provide direction and approval to the District’s consultant services as they may apply to the District.

This website contains information about the District, about District management, District operations, District finances, and contact information.

Contact Us
Mailing Address:
c/o CRS of Colorado
7995 E. Prentice Avenue, Suite 103E
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
Phone: 303-381-4960
Fax: 303-381-4961
EMERGENCY: 303-381-4960
Marcos Pacheco
District Manager
Phone: 303-381-4960

Bulletin Board
NOTICE: March 16, 2023 at 6:30 PM: BOD Special Meeting. See attached Notice and Agenda.
Street light damage: Almost every year a streetlight is knocked over. This costs the Metro District at least $1,000 to $5,000 each time. We could defer this cost to whomever knocked it over if they could be identified. If you spot a damaged streetlight, please report it to CRS (303-381-4960) and a Board member (their phone numbers are on this website) ASAP. Document anything relevant, like tire tracks in the snow..
Parking regulations: Parking, except in driveways, is regulated by the Metro District. Know the rules Parking Regulations.
Notes From The December Board Meeting:
  • The Board voted to keep the mill rate unchanged for 2023. Due to actions by the Colorado legislature most residents will see a decrease in their taxes of around 2.6%.
  • The District's finances are sound, and it is projected that for 2022 the District will add more money to savings than budgeted.